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Tecsi Srl

The name TECSI may be an acronym formed from the association of various words (technical, construction, services, welding, industrial, etc.) but it is not purposely pointed to leave freedom of interpretation as TECSI srl wants to be by adapting to the most varied construction needs. It is in fact with the union of the various experiences of the two partners that the idea and desire to organise on their own was born, a structure capable of acquiring construction work of varying nature in terms of complexity and materials used, going as far as the study and design of equipment for the solution of the customer’s needs.

This flexibility can easily be seen by observing the photographic selection of work performed and which we present on the site with constant updates. Established in years when the acquisition of orders was relatively simple thanks to the vitality of the production world, TECSI srl, like everyone else, has subsequently had to face a more complex period, but thanks to its organisational flexibility and professional quality, it is able to look to the future with confidence.

Tecsi S.r.l.