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Oil and gas extraction equipment

In the world of hydrocarbon extraction, there are a myriad of companies and services that, depending on their specificities, require equipment and/or prototypes that are often purpose-built for specific processes.

Extraction equipment is essential for oil and gas production operations. Among the most important pieces of equipment are the drilling machines, or augers,used to drill into the ground and reach underground oil and gas reserves, but around this core business equipment there are many other, smaller pieces of equipment that we are concerned with, their construction and sometimes their design..

Mainly the photo gallery shows the variety of achievements and challenges we can face.

Construction of waste skips, skids, containers and more

Equipment also exists for non-primary but indispensable and complementary uses such as: waste skips, skids, etc.

Tecsi srl is involved in the construction of waste skips, i.e. containers used for the collection of mining waste and other containers of various uses that despite their “minor” role in mining activities follow all the construction rules of the control bodies (Rina, DNV, etc.) as for more important structures.

These containers are made of strong and durable materials and can be of different sizes and capacities, depending on requirements In addition, we also offer container maintenance and repair services to ensure maximum efficiency and durability.

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