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Shipbuilding carpentry for vessels, plants and offshore platforms

Shipbuilding carpentry

Shipbuilding is a branch of naval engineering that deals with the construction and maintenance of working vessels of all kinds. The regulations governing shipbuilding carpentry also extend to the construction of parts of offshore platforms for the extraction of raw materials from the seabed.

These fields require a great deal of knowledge of the technical and practical aspects of naval engineering, including an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of the materials used, the use of welding, machining and metal finishing techniques.

Offshore carpentry

Offshore facilities are structures installed off the coast, near oil and gas reserves, used for the extraction of these resources. These facilities consist of platforms, towers, wells and specialised equipment to extract and transport the oil and gas extracted from the seabed.

Offshore installations are subject to extreme environmental conditions, such as strong winds, high waves, tides, and sea currents, which can compromise the safety of operators and the stability of structures.

The construction of offshore plants requires a great deal of experience in the field of carpentry, as these plants must be able to withstand all environmental and structural stresses.

Reference Standards and Qualifications

In the construction and choice of materials for offshore structures, the international reference standards and those of control bodies such as RINA, DET NORSKE VERITAS, etc. are always essential: RINA, DET NORSKE VERITAS, etc., and just as these standards are adhered to in the materials, so too are they followed in the procedures and qualifications of the workers.

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